Prem Rawat’s 2023 Year-in-Review

Feb 12, 2024

2023 was an extraordinarily active year for Prem Rawat and his continuing efforts to let people know that peace is not only possible, but available to each and every individual.

During the year, he logged more than 74,000 nautical miles, traveled to 36 cities in 18 countries and, largely with the support of the Words of Peace Global Event Fund, was the featured speaker at 77 different gatherings, including events and media interviews. Onsite attendance at his events totaled more than 766,000, with 185,925 more attending via livestream.

Prem Rawat’s breakthrough series of 11 Understanding More™ Focus Sessions in Europe, North America, Australia and India provided inspiration, guidance and support to more than 39,000 people practicing the techniques of Self-Knowledge.

Additionally, he established two Guinness World Records. The first one, on April 2, 2023 in Lucknow, India set the world record for the largest audience ever to attend a book reading by a single author – 114,704. The second, on November 26, in Gaya India, established the record for the largest audience to attend a lecture – 375,603.

Other 2023 highlights included a variety of Hear Yourself author events, media interviews and meetings with people participating in his Peace Education Program.

With the support of The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), more than 111,116 people were able to participate in the Peace Education Program in 2023, bringing the total to more than 405,000 people in over 80 countries. Prem Rawat also worked with TPRF to provide over 800,000 nutritious meals to disadvantaged children this year through the Food for People program, bringing the overall program total to over 5.6 million meals. His humanitarian activities through TPRF also included providing food, shelter, medical care and other necessities for earthquake victims in Morocco, Turkey and Syria.

Subscriptions to Prem Rawat’s Official YouTube channel increased by 282% percent to more than 488,000. His bestselling book, Hear Yourself was translated into six more languages – Greek, Arabic, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Slovinian, Albanian and soon, Tamil – for a total of 14 to date.

During the year, 24,538 people learned the techniques of Self-Knowledge and another 63,775 attended Knowledge Reviews – refresher sessions for people who practice these techniques for experiencing personal peace. The total number of people who have learned the techniques of Self-Knowledge since 1971 now exceeds 1.5 million.

Prem Rawat set a new Guinness World Record in Lucknow, India, on April 2, 2023 – “the largest audience ever to attend a book reading by a single author.” 114,704 people listened to him read a chapter of his bestselling book, Hear Yourself”.

On November 26, 2023, in Gaya, India, Prem Rawat established his second Guinness World Record of the year for “the largest attendance at a lecture” – 375,603.

What perfection are you looking for?
Look for perfection in your breath
and you will find it.

– Prem Rawat

It’s not what 2024 is going to bring to you,
but what you are going to bring to 2024.

– Prem Rawat
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Key Highlights

In 2023 Prem Rawat traveled
74,000 nautical miles



Guinness World Records

488,000 subscribers

to his Youtube channel

185,925 attended

his events via livestream

24,538 people

learned the techniques of


onsite event attendance

Reached more than

916 million

people via media


participated in the
Peace Education Program

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