Prem Rawat Teaches Self-Knowledge

A Path to Peace

Prem Rawat Teaches Self-Knowledge:
Techniques to Experience Personal Peace

Prem Rawat teaches a simple method to help turn your senses from the outside world to an inner experience of peace, an experience unique to each person. He offers guidance and practical tools he calls the “techniques of Self-Knowledge”, or just “Knowledge.” Practicing these empowering techniques daily helps you to better understand your true self, revealing an ever-evolving experience of heartfulness and contentment.

“Gaining knowledge about the self is a process of discovery, of uncovering who we are.”

— Prem Rawat

Prem Rawat’s Peace Education and Knowledge (PEAK) course is a prerequisite to help you gain a solid foundational understanding about the value of personal peace. At the conclusion of this self-paced course, you can choose to request a workshop, called a Knowledge Session, to learn the techniques. There is no charge to participate in PEAK or the Knowledge Session.  

The daily practice of the techniques becomes an individual endeavor, easy to enjoy on your own wherever you are. Prem Rawat’s role is to provide ongoing guidance, inspiration and insights via in-person events, video content, books and podcasts. He also regularly offers Knowledge Review sessions for people who have already learned the techniques and who want a refresher.

Hundreds of thousands of people across 100 countries practice the techniques of Knowledge every day, reporting profound benefits.

Get Started with PEAK

Throughout this self-paced video course, Prem Rawat facilitates a journey of self-discovery. Rather than describing or defining personal peace, the course materials engage you to reach your own understanding.

The self-paced course aims to help you get in touch with your inner strength whether you opt to learn the techniques of Knowledge afterwards or not — the decision is all yours.

Prem Rawat Introduces PEAK

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“It’s not my place to tell people what they should or should not be; I’m here to offer reminders that we’re blessed by the miracle of existence, and to help point the way to inner peace.” – Prem Rawat

Articles about Knowledge

Each chapter of the PEAK course explores different topics, including:

Who are you?; Clarity and beliefs; Choice: Understanding; Gratitude; Peace; Hope; Self-knowledge.

What people say about Knowledge

Hundreds of thousands of people across 100 countries practice the techniques of Knowledge every day, reporting profound benefits. The experience is unique to each person, but common themes include feelings of well-being, gratitude, clarity and peace. Here is a selection of responses from people who were asked to briefly answer the question, “How has the practice of Knowledge changed your life for the better?”

More Resources for Peace

If you aren’t ready to engage in a course or pursue a daily practice, Prem Rawat offers many other resources to help you better understand yourself and your potential for personal peace, including events, videos, books and podcasts.

FAQs about Prem Rawat, Knowledge and PEAK