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In addition to the selections below, his media company, TimelessToday, regularly releases topical videos and footage of his events and interviews. He also often posts video updates on two popular YouTube channels, be sure to subscribe: Prem Rawat Official & The Prem Rawat Foundation.

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Topics of Inspiration

Prem Rawat sheds light on a range of the topics and struggles that we face in our daily lives

Quieting the Noise

Is the voice in your own head coming from you or from other people’s voices that you have been hearing your whole life? Learn to tune into yourself.

What is Peace?

Most of us have no idea what peace is. Peace is not about problems, the good and bad, and being confused about life. It is a part of your nature.

Who are We?

Insights on our common humanity and the importance of knowing ourselves. Learn to find a source of joy within you.

Video Series

Videos from some of Prem Rawat’s most popular series

Practical Peace Library

The Practical Peace Library contains short videos and audio clips with Prem Rawat’s insights on a wide range of topics including fear, courage and contentment.


Created as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Prem Rawat released 101 daily videos to help people cope with the lockdown and find hope during the ongoing tumultous times.


In this successor series to Lockdown, Prem Rawat “One 2 One” with all of us and explores how we can enjoy life regardless of if we are in stressful circumstances.

Interviews & Press

Recent interviews with Prem Rawat and press coverage of his work.

Prem Rawat: A Decade in the Media

Prem Rawat has been in the media spotlight since he was a child, answering a wide range of challenging questions from hundreds of journalists across the globe with wit and wisdom.

Weekly Echo Interview with Prem Rawat

Malaysian Journalist Melissa Duis asks Prem Rawat some of the questions that many of us have in our quest for peace.

Sara Sidner Interviews Prem Rawat on CNN

CNN interviews Prem Rawat and reports on his challenges and successes in helping people find peace within.


Videos from some of Prem Rawat’s recent insightful talks.

Prem Rawat Breaks World Record

On April 2, 2023 over 114,000 people gathered for Prem Rawat’s launch of the Hindi version of “Hear Yourself,” breaking a world record for the largest audience ever to attend a book reading by a single author.

Prem Rawat & Scouts Partner on Peace Education Program

Prem Rawat speaks to the importance of peace education and celebrates a landmark agreement to offer his program to youth throughout Malaysia.

Prem Rawat’s Author Event in Malaysia

Prem Rawat shared valuable insights about what it means to be truly successful in life at this event launching his bestselling book “Hear Yourself” in Malaysia.

Peace Education Program

Learn about Prem Rawat’s Peace Education Program and how it helps people discover inner strength and personal peace.

Peace Education Program: Empowering People

An introduction to this innovative workshop series and how it empowers people to discover their own inner strength and personal peace.

Slaying the Dragon

Billa Nanra shares his story of incarceration and how the Peace Education Program empowered him to kick a 22-year heroin addiction and get his life back on track.

Culture of Peace

A group of police share enthusiasm for the Peace Education Program with teachers and students as they all work together to calm violence in Cusco, Peru.

Humanitarian Aid

Learn about Prem Rawat’s humanitarian efforts and their impact.

Power of Food

An introduction to Prem Rawat’s Food for People program, which has served over 4.7 million nutritious meals and helped break the cycle of poverty.

Fundamental Needs

Prem Rawat’s perspective on why helping each other through tough times is important, and how his foundation has helped people in 40 countries recover from hardships.

Water and Life

This initiative by Prem Rawat’s foundation helped hundreds of people gain sustainable access to clean water in a remote corner of Dhading, Nepal.