May 15, 2024

A Review of Hear Yourself from Someone Who Knew Nothing About Prem Rawat

A few months after Prem Rawat’s bestselling book, Hear Yourself, was published in 2021, a reader of the book who was very moved by it posted the following message on Facebook:

“If you live in the United States and want a free copy of Prem Rawat’s new book (but don’t know much about him), please contact me. The first 50 people who respond will receive a free copy in the mail.”

Within a few days, 50 people responded, one of whom was Patricia Savitski, a woman from California who knew nothing about Prem Rawat and the Self-Knowledge he helps people discover within themselves.

A few weeks after Patricia received her copy, she wrote the following book review:

“What a blessing of a book – so enlightening and engaging – a book with the genuine power to stir and comfort you at the same time as you pursue self-knowledge and learn how to free yourself from chaos and celebrate each breath.

Prem Rawat has given us a gift to treasure which I guarantee you will want to keep by your bedside to read and reread time and again.
Hear Yourself is a great reminder to think outside the box, be easy on yourself, and become acquainted with the light we often forget to hold, not just in ourselves, but in every living being.

Prem’s book is a beautiful teaching about our pure potential to live life consciously. It was, to me, a kind of magic taking me by the hand and introducing me to myself in a most real way.

I have had many teachers and have read many books, but I am new to Prem Rawat and the amazing way he communicates his message and takes people deeper into knowing the place within themselves where there is always calm. Being in touch with that calm place helps a person see everything around them with new eyes.

For me, reading Hear Yourself felt like a good, warm rain that feeds the earth and generates an electric wide-eyed freshness. It made me want to dance with gratitude.”

Update on Hear Yourself

Two weeks after its publication in September, 2021, Hear Yourself debuted on the New York Times bestseller list. It has already sold more than 200,000 copies and is now available in 14 languages – English, Hindi, Tamil, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, German, Arabic, Greek, Hungarian, Albanian and Slovenian. Other translations, including Korean, are scheduled to be released in the near future.

To order a copy of the book in most of the above languages, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Amazon Reviews

A bounty of insights and a fountain of wisdom. A navigation tool to discover and uncover your inner peace. – P.S.

A life-changing and life-saving message, helping me to understand the value
of my life. – J.K.

For anyone who has ever asked the question: who am I, why am I here? This book is for you. – M.N.

Empathy and kindness come more naturally now. Even solitude is sweeter. – C.W.

I’ve never had a book in my hands that makes me so free and happy! – S.W.

This book inspires and elevates the reader with wisdom and a practical approach to finding peace within. – M.B.

Hear Yourself invites readers on a journey… to the love of life itself. – T.G.

Originally suspect of people who have followers, I have gained deep respect for his mission. – J.E.

Prem Rawat’s straightforward conversational tone drew me in while inviting me to reflect on the mysteries and miracles of human existence. – T.R.

It doesn’t matter what sort of day I am having, whenever I start reading any part of this book it immediately connects with the part of me that matters. – P.M.

It has everything: wisdom, poetry, humor, stories and, above all, advice on how to prosper and enjoy this precious life. – M.S.

This book is a life changer. Made me look deep into myself. Thought provoking, profound and so easy to read. – M.F.

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