Prem Rawat’s South American Tour

Apr 20, 2024

During the month of March, Prem Rawat traveled to Mexico City and five cities in South America (Buenos Aires, Argentina; Punta del Este, Uruguay; Cusco, Peru; Lima, Peru; São Paulo, Brazil) to continue his lifelong work of letting people know that personal peace is not only possible, but available to every person to experience for themselves.

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Pay attention to
your life;
pay attention to your existence;
pay attention to this breath
that comes to you.

– Prem Rawat, March 10, 2024

More than 4,200 people attended his events in person and another 116,000 via livestream by TimelessToday® and The Prem Rawat Foundation

At the request of Prem Rawat and in response to the needs of the South American communities he visited on the tour, TimelessToday® provided free access to all livestreams and replays in Spanish and Portuguese.

I am here to express my thanks to Mr. Prem Rawat for the noble work he’s been doing all these years offering his support even to the small rural areas of Peru. Thank you for showing us that peace does not have borders.

– High School student who attended the event in Cusco, Peru

The tour was made possible with the support of Words of Peace Global (WOPG), a charitable foundation that helps make Prem Rawat’s events accessible to people from all walks of life.

Throughout the tour, teams of committed WOPG volunteers synchronized their efforts in extraordinary ways to ensure that all of the events operated as smoothly as possible.

In addition to providing vital financial contributions to supplement ticket revenues, volunteer efforts included venue research, promotion, floor plan design, seating, ticketing, and translation, as well as ongoing communication with local contacts, global website teams, WOPG’s sponsorship team, the legal team, and local event personnel.

It was a wonderful experience to collaborate with such a generous, efficient, committed, and sweet team. I am very grateful to have been
part of this project – an enormous honor.

– South America Tour volunteer

Among the many highlights of Prem Rawat’s South American tour was his participation in a Peace Education Program Master Class in Cusco, Peru. To date, more than 78,000 people at more than 370 schools have participated in his innovative Peace Education Program throughout Cusco. 1,400 students, teachers, police officers and local leaders were able to attend his master class event in person.  According to school officials, 80,480 students and teachers from 503 schools across the Cusco region watched a livestream that was presented by The Prem Rawat Foundation.

He also met with participants in the Peace Education Program at a prison in Buenos Aires, answering their questions and hearing reflections on what they learned in the program workshops. “Today, I value life in a different way. Today, I love my family. Today, I found a meaning. Today, I have a future, and my mates do too. And that’s thanks to you!” said one of the incarcerated attendees to Prem.

TPRF livestreamed the event from Penitentiary Unit #39 to 36 other correctional facilities so that incarcerated people across the region could participate in the event virtually.

The first person you should bring joy to is you.

Then the entire purpose
of having Knowledge of the self will bear fruit.

– Prem Rawat, Mexico City, March 2, 2024

Big Thanks to the South American Sponsorship Team

A special shout out to the WOPG South American Sponsorship Team. Along with the support of many other donors around the world, sufficient funds were raised to cover all of the production and venue costs for the tour.

South American Tour Interview

In Buenos, Aires, on March 21, Prem Rawat was interviewed by Mercedes Funes from Infobae – an Argentinian online news site with more than 7.9M viewers. Click here to view the article and a two-minute excerpt of the interview

Who is Prem Rawat? Well, Prem Rawat is a human being – no different than anyone else.

If Prem Rawat is somebody different, then he cannot
relate to the people who need
Prem Rawat.

– Prem Rawat, March 21, Infobae excerpt

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