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Jun 13, 2024

Since 1961, when Prem Rawat first began sharing his message of peace at the age of four years old, he has used a wide variety of communication vehicles to get the word out: live events, magazines, newspapers, videos, TV and radio interviews, email, music, websites, films, livestreams, and podcasts just to name a few..

Of all the platforms available to him, the one that is most indicative of his rising popularity is YouTube.

Since 2020 when the Prem Rawat Official YouTube channel launched, his videos have garnered more than 20.5 million views, with 956,000 of them happening in the last quarter alone. Total subscribers now number 506,000, a 55% increase in the past 12 months. And when subscribers log on, they have an increasingly wide variety of videos to explore – more than 475 and counting – with approximately 10-12 videos being added monthly.

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four most popular videos this month: (all with subtitles)

Who You Really Are (Hindi)

New Guinness World Records Event (Hindi)

Prem Rawat: A Decade in the Media (English)

Be Mesmerized by Existence (English)

The four most recent videos:

Moments of Possibility

To Be Human

The Limitation of Concepts

The Indestructible



The four most popular playlists this month:

Hindi Playlist (35 videos)

Understanding More™ (14 videos)

Topics of Interest (43 videos)

Livestream Excerpts (8 videos)

Stop searching for truth in the Land of Fiction.
If you want truth, look inside of you.
You will find it there.

– Prem Rawat, Punta del Este, Uruguay, March 16, 2024

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