Prem Rawat on the Value of Now

Oct 11, 2023

The essence of what Prem Rawat is offering people is very simple: the understanding and experience that peace resides within each of us. His approach is heartfelt, practical and easy-to-apply. Self-Knowledge, he explains, begins when a person takes full responsibility for their own well-being and chooses to explore their inner self.

Towards that end, in June of 2023 he began conducting a series of Understanding More™ focus sessions around the world – first in Europe and then in North America and Australia – to support people who practice the techniques of self-Knowledge that he teaches.

What follows is a five-minute video excerpt from the first of his U&M sessions (June 24, 2023 in Milan, Italy) on a topic that is central to his teaching: the importance of appreciating the value of now. How to live in the present moment with full enjoyment, gratitude and consciousness is one of the many benefits of the experience that Prem Rawat helps people access. 

Following the video excerpt are selected quotes on the same topic from subsequent Understanding More™ focus sessions in Europe and North America.

More quotes on the Value of Now

“In this moment called now, you are. And you rule! The moment coming, you may not. The moment gone by, maybe you were not the King. But in this moment called now, you are the King. You’re the Queen. You rule!”

Now is your companion! Tomorrow is not your companion. Yesterday is not your companion. Now is your companion. Now has been with you since you were born.”

“Nobody can steal the moment from you. They can steal your attention. They can steal your liking the moment. But now is yours. Up until the very end, now is yours… In now you’re free. You’re not bound by any obligation. No scheduling of time. No promises made or broken. Just you being alive.”

“Most people have learned the value of tomorrow. They have learned the value of yesterday. They never were told about the value of now. You’ve been given the tools of Knowledge. Use them.”

Now is where you exist! Not a minute ahead or a minute behind—but now. What does now mean to you?”

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