Living Consciously

Mar 10, 2024

The essence of what Prem Rawat is offering to people is very simple: the understanding and experience of peace that resides within each of us. His approach is heartfelt, practical and easy to apply. Self-Knowledge, he explains, begins when a person takes full responsibility for their own well-being and chooses to explore their inner self.

What follows is a 10-minute video excerpt from Prem Rawat’s Understanding More™ Focus Session in London, England on July 23, 2023. It addresses three key themes: 1) What real winning is all about; 2) The importance of remembering why we are here; 3) What it really means to live a conscious life.

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Three excerpts from “Living Consciously”:

Bring peace in your world. Fix things in your world. Make your world a nice place.

What do you have to do? Unlearn!

All it takes is a little bit of discipline.

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