The Divine Within

Oct 31, 2023

The essence of what Prem Rawat is offering people is very simple: the understanding and experience of peace that resides within each of us. His approach is heartfelt, practical and easy-to-apply. Self-Knowledge, he explains, begins when a person takes full responsibility for their own well-being and chooses to explore their inner self.

What follows is a four-minute video excerpt from an Understanding More™ focus session he conducted in Milan, Italy on June 24, 2023 on the divine reality within all people – that which can never be comprehended, but can be experienced and enjoyed.

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“I’m not asking you to accept the divine in your life. I’m talking about experiencing the divine in your life. Big difference.”

“You want to experience the divine in your domain. ‘Show me a little miracle. Show me a little explosion! Show me a bright light!’ You want the divine to come into your world and prove to you the divine exists. Instead, you have to enter into the domain of the divine.”

“Drop the ‘I’. Get rid of the ‘I’. Come into the domain of the divine. Then, and only then, will you be able to actually feel what it is like. You can either experience the divine or the ‘I’. Not both.”

Knowledge puts you in touch with the divine that is inside of you. Providing that your bucket doesn’t have a hole in it, it will fill with joy. Will clarity come? Yes! Will gratitude come? Yes!”

“What is hope? Opportunity accepted is hope. In this life, what is the opportunity? That you can experience the divine. And if you have accepted that opportunity, you’re going to be full of hope.”

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