Solace in a Deep Place Within Myself

Dec 8, 2023

Periodically, publishes first-person reflections from people around the world who are experiencing the benefits of practicing the techniques of Self-Knowledge as taught by Prem Rawat – a simple way to turn one’s attention from the outside world to a place of inner peace. This month’s reflection is from Bahaa Zahnan, currently residing in Beirut, Lebanon.

In these challenging times of turmoil and injustice plaguing the Middle East, where fear, depression, and sadness seem to engulf everyone around me, many people wonder why I remain untouched by such emotions.

The truth is, from a young age, I recognized the world’s illusions, lies, and unfairness, prompting me to seek genuine happiness and enduring peace, which seemed elusive in my reality.

After extensive exploration, I found solace in a place deep within myself, made known to me by Prem Rawat  – a place impervious to the chaos of wars, bullets, or despair – a place where I feel happiness, joy, peace, and security.

While my earthly existence is transient, this inner place of peace feels eternal. Grateful for the Self-Knowledge I have cultivated, this experience has become my refuge through all kinds of hardships, not just during war, but on ordinary days, as well.

While my earthly existence is transient, this inner place of peace feels eternal.

I recall the profound loss of my only beloved son—a moment that tested the depths of my understanding and surrender. Despite that immense pain, I was able to find a remarkable acceptance within my own being – the ability to acknowledge the divine for granting me the privilege of my son’s presence, however fleeting it may have been.

This experience of a lasting peace within me has reinforced the sanctity of cherishing every moment, regardless of its brevity. Self-Knowledge has illuminated life’s beauty for me, fostering a profound appreciation for each breath, regardless of the surrounding emotions.

Embracing and practicing Self-Knowledge has enabled me to become balanced within myself and have the courage, calm, contentment and perspective to enjoy the journey I am on. External conflicts no longer sabotage my inner serenity. I am very grateful to Prem Rawat for his encouragement, guidance, and support towards this end.

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