Diving Deep

Oct 14, 2023

Monthly, PremRawat.com publishes first-person reflections from people around the world who are experiencing the benefits of practicing the techniques of Self-Knowledge as taught by Prem Rawat – a simple way to turn one’s attention from the outside world to a place of inner peace. Each individual’s reflections are unique, based on their own life experiences. This month’s reflection is from Adriano Lanhoso, currently residing in Lisbon, Portugal.

Ever since I was a teenager, whenever I heard or read the word “Knowledge”, it would immediately have the effect of waking me up and making me feel more alert – especially if the subject being addressed was the self.

Back then, I often wondered if there was something within me that I could actually know – something that would give me a sense of fulfillment and maybe even self-realization. When I first heard Prem Rawat talk about this topic, I enjoyed what he was saying, but was not ready to take it seriously.

A couple of years later, when I was spending the summer holidays with my parents, I felt the reappearance of my persistent thirst for fulfillment inside of me. Born into a religious family, I remember sitting on my bed and challenging God: “If you exist, then show yourself to me. I want to know you directly.” That was a bit bold, but mixed in with my ignorance was also sincerity.

I still remember the day I received his gift of Knowledge. It was such a smooth experience of being in touch with who I truly am….

After a short while, I came across Prem Rawat’s message that we could experience the infinite within ourselves, once again. This time I took it to heart. It made a lot of sense to me and was exactly what I was aspiring for.

I still remember the day I received his gift of Knowledge. It was such a smooth experience of being in touch with who I truly am – plus, I received the tools to experience it on a daily basis.

I think of the techniques he taught me as the kind of gear a scuba diver wears in order to dive deep and explore the ocean below. Without that gear, the diver ­is continually being pulled up to the surface. But with that gear firmly in place, the diver can plumb the depths of the sea and begin to discover what is really there.

Before I received the gift of Knowledge from Prem Rawat, I remember trying to dive deep inside, but my wandering mind kept pushing me back to the surface. That still happens to me, but now there is a difference. Now I can use the practical “gear” of Knowledge to return to the experience of exploring the depths of my own being.

Attempting to describe this experience in further detail would be an impossible task. Instead, let me just say the experience I’ve been enjoying all these many years is one of deep peace. So much peace, in fact, that I often think to myself I wouldn’t mind feeling it forever.

Forty-five years have passed since I began practicing Prem Rawat’s techniques of Knowledge. I feel very grateful for the gift I received from him, not just on that unforgettable day so many years ago, but every day that I get a chance to dive deep inside of me – an experience that continues to renew and refresh me.

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