Prem Rawat’s Tour of India

Dec 14, 2023

Continuing his 2023 world tour (i.e., Europe, North America, Australia, Canada, and Africa), Prem Rawat recently completed a much-appreciated 26-day tour of India, his country of origin.

It began on November 8 with a Hans Jayanti event at the Raj Vidya venue in Delhi in celebration of his father’s birth. More than 2,000 people attended in person and another 8,000 from 76 countries via livestream.

This time that you have, how long is it? How much time is left? Something to think about.

– Prem Rawat, Hans Jayanti, November 8, 2023

Next stop on the tour, on November 16, was an Understanding More™ focus session event (“Jigyasa” in Hindi, meaning “aspiration”) in Mirzapur. This all-day gathering, designed to support people who practice the techniques of Self-Knowledge that Prem Rawat teaches (a simple way to turn one’s attention from the outside world to the source of peace within), was attended by more than 5,000 people.

Spending five hours with Prem at the Jigyasa session was magical.
The way he used simple examples to explain the importance of practicing Knowledge brought back the focus on importance of it in my life.

– Col R K Sharan (ret.)

Three days later, on November 19, a public event in Chandigarh followed. There, Prem Rawat addressed 50,000 people and more than 6,800 viewers online. And then, three days after that, he conducted the second in his series of Indian Understanding More™ (“Jigyasa”) events in Ranchi. 5,000 of his students attended.

The words ‘thank you’ do not express my gratitude for what I received during the Jigyasa events. I again experienced the clarity which had been getting blurred by worldly noise.

– Dr Sandhya Dhar

On November 26, in Gaya, at a venue just ten miles from where Buddha reportedly experienced enlightenment, Prem Rawat addressed an audience of 375,603 – establishing a new Guinness World Record for “the largest attendance at a lecture.” His lecture focused on his unique approach to personal empowerment and fulfillment, even in the most difficult times. More than 20,000 people from 85 countries tuned in via livestream.

Behind the scenes at the Gaya New Guinness World Records event

This was the second time that Prem Rawat was recognize by Guinness World Records this year, the previous one taking place in Lucknow, India for “the largest audience to attend a book reading by a single author”.

The Gaya Guinness World Records event was a mind-blowing experience. It was both enriching and illuminating to attend Prem Rawat’s lecture on ‘Understanding the Value of Self’.

– Prof (Dr.) Anuradha Parasar

Many thanks to Words of Peace Global (WOPG) for playing an instrumental role in planning, coordinating, and funding the logistics for counting all of the 375,603 attendees for his Gaya World Record event. This was a massive initiative that included the mobilization of hundreds of volunteers.

One message delivered at the end of Prem’s program in Delhi has given me a big boost –
practice Self-Knowledge and feel that ecstasy.

– Ms. Gitka

When Prem Rawat was not addressing large audiences in five different Indian cities, he was tending to his Food For People program in Ranchi – a humanitarian initiative established via his foundation in 2006 to feed malnourished children. There, on November 24, he visited with local managers and many of the children to help ensure that the program continued to meet the evolving needs of the local community.

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Prem Rawat completed his whirlwind tour of India in Delhi on December 3, where he addressed an audience of 80,000 interested in learning more about the experience of Self-Knowledge that he teaches.

Watch the video here

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