Prem Rawat’s 2023 North American Tour

Sep 18, 2023

Prem Rawat recently completed an exciting four-week tour of seven North American cities to help people in Boston, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Denver, Montreal, Toronto and Asheville better understand how to receive the most possible value from the practice of self-Knowledge.

He also made a surprise visit to Austin, Texas, where he addressed a delighted audience of 100 people.

You have so much grace in your life. Feel blessed. There’s nothing like that.

– Prem Rawat, Denver, August 27, 2023

The tour began on August 6 with the “Boston Tea Party” – an informal gathering of 500 people, complete with tea cakes, tea and coffee. Another 6,000 people attended via livestream. Unlike the original Boston Tea Party in 1773, this gathering was a celebration, not a protest – an inspired opportunity for attendees to be reminded once again about the wellspring of wisdom, peace and joy within themselves.

Being alive is all about being able to actually experience the Divine.

– Prem Rawat, Boston, August 6, 2023

One week later, in Los Angeles, Prem Rawat conducted the first in a series of five all-day “Understanding More”™ Focus Sessions for people who practice his techniques of self-Knowledge. (These sessions were organized by Intelligent Existence, Prem Rawat’s innovative training company.)

Throughout the day, he shared keen insights, inspiration and examples to help attendees gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to more thoroughly enjoy their journey through life.

Have you been disappointed in your life?
Well, you didn’t need to…
See yourself clearly who you are and you
won’t be disappointed.

– Prem Rawat, Los Angeles, August 13, 2023

It was a day for people to reconnect, refocus, and deepen their experience of personal peace. Immersive, engaging, and a fun way to get back to the basics that bring the practice of self-Knowledge to life, feedback was very positive.

I really enjoyed the “Understanding More”™ session. It was just what I needed to see the value
of this life. When I am listening to you,
I see things in a different perspective.

–  Finland

The L.A. “Understanding More”™ session was unique and awesome. You were clear as breath and so humorous. When you speak, magic unfolds.

–  Australia

The past two Focus Sessions have been a
game-changer for me in terms of deeper understanding of what you have been
saying for the past five decades.

– United States

Subsequent “Understanding More”™ Focus Sessions took place in Fort Lauderdale (August 20), Denver (August 27), Toronto (September 3) and Asheville (September 9). Topics addressed included: focus, choice, expectations, the Divine, clarity, wisdom, joy, kindness, the value of breath, the Infinite, mortality, understanding, simplicity, Prem Rawat’s global peace initiatives, and an overview of his ever-increasing variety of websites.

As the North American tour unfolded, it again became clear just how committed Prem Rawat is to lifelong learning and providing support to people engaged in self-discovery, finding new ways to make it clearer and simpler for people to connect with the essence of who they are.

If you want your peace, I can’t help you.
But if you want the real peace, I can help you.

– Prem Rawat, Toronto, September 3, 2023

Prem Rawat wrapped up his four-week North American tour with an “Understanding More”™ Focus Session in Asheville, North Carolina – his sixth visit to this delightful city of 95,000 in the past three decades. Here he continued in his own masterful way addressing the topics most essential to the practice and enjoyment of self-Knowledge. Five hundred people attended in person and another 2,200 attended via TimelessToday’s livestream.

Be yourself. Be the gift you are.

– Prem Rawat, Asheville, September 9, 2023

What’s next for Prem Rawat? Time will tell. Most likely, he will head West, perhaps to Australia and other stops, including India, on his next tour.

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