Lively, compelling and thought-provoking, Prem Rawat's events are an opportunity to experience his message first-hand. Unscripted and unrehearsed, Prem speaks to the audience from the heart, aiming to connect with each person on a personal basis.

These events take place all over the world in all sorts of venues, from open-air addresses to rooms for small groups, auditoriums to large capacity stadiums.

Prem Rawat receives no fees for speaking at events.

A picture gallery of recent events can be found here.

As the travel restrictions from COVID-19 have been easing, Prem has been able to start holding small, socially distanced events in various cities in Europe. This website will be updated with the specific dates and locations of upcoming socially distanced events, livestreams, and virtual events when they become available. Videos and audio recordings made from the events will be distributed exclusively through TimelessToday.

Next events

LiveStream, “The Power Within” - broadcast live from Delhi - November 22, 2020