BrandLaureate Honors Prem Rawat & Prem Rawat Foundation with Prestigious Award

Dec 11, 2023

On December 6, 2023,The BrandLaureate honored Prem Rawat and The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) with a distinguished award for outstanding peace initiatives and excellence in branding.

The World Brands Foundation formed The BrandLaureate to acknowledge trailblazers and visionaries, honoring Prem Rawat and TPRF with the Book of World Records Award. The new 2023 award from The BrandLaureate followed Prem Rawat’s induction into the renowned organization’s Hall of Fame in 2012. He received the The BrandLaureate Lifetime Achievement Award that year, and he was inducted into the Hall of Fame along with Nelson Mandela.

The theme of this year’s awards gala in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was “celebrating the brave, the bold, the brilliant” and BrandLaureate representatives commended Prem Rawat as an icon of peace for his lifelong commitment to helping people live up to their full potential. Over the course of more than 55 years, Prem Rawat has shared his insights on peace with millions of people at 5,623 events across the world. This year he achieved two Guinness World Records for attendance at his events, most recently on November 26 in Gaya, India when 375,603 people gathered for his lecture on understanding the value of life.

The BrandLaureate also recognized The Prem Rawat Foundation for how its Peace Education Program has helped incarcerated people in 892 correctional institutions across the world transform their lives and positively re-enter society. The program has also proven to benefit a wide range of other groups, including high school and university students, with 400,000 participants in over 80 countries. 

In all of these endeavors Prem Rawat and TPRF have embraced innovative technologies and branding strategies to advance the timeless understanding that peace is possible, and it begins with each one of us. This empowering outreach has engaged hundreds of millions of people with books, video broadcasts, podcasts, mobile applications, social media and other pioneering efforts. The BrandLaureate is the most coveted branding award in the world and it is intended to “acknowledge the value, strength and character” of these efforts and provide an “endorsement of being the best.”  

In accepting the honors, Prem Rawat gave a speech during the awards ceremony, expressing his gratitude for the recognition and offering insights on the importance of personal peace to the gathering of brand and industry leaders from across the world.

The BrandLaureate also recognized several other distinguished leaders and brands throughout the gala, including YBhg Datuk Wira (Dr) Calvin Khiu, Founder of OE EduGroup, Ms. Manvin Kaur Khera, Miss Globe 2023 and Mr. K. Raman, Managing Director of Microsoft (Malaysia).  

In a statement, the BrandLaureate congratulated Prem Rawat, TPRF and all of the honorees: “We, at The BrandLaureate, extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the worthy recipients. There is no limit to how much you can achieve, and as this grand finale closes the year on a high note, we hope it empowers you to strive with your indomitable spirits, entering the new year with tunes of victory, and bearing the lessons from 2023 to see further, go faster and soar higher in 2024 and beyond.”

About the World Brands Foundation (TWBF) and The BrandLaureate

The World Brands Foundation [formerly the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation (APBF)] was established over a decade ago, in 2005, and is the world’s premier branding foundation. As a trendsetter for branding with divergence, the foundation was rebranded to reach new echelons of prominence. Its primary objectives include the promotion of brands, the heightening of branding practices and inculcation of first-rate brand culture in the arena of entrepreneurship. The BrandLaureate, a sobriquet for brand excellence, was instituted to facilitate its vision and mission, simultaneously fulfilling the objectives of TWBF.

About Prem Rawat and The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF)

For more than 55 years, Prem Rawat has embraced new technologies to help share his insights on peace with hundreds of millions of people in more than 100 countries. In addition to his record-breaking speaking events, he provides a wealth of resources to help people discover personal peace, including books, training sessions, video broadcasts and podcasts. In addition to the Peace Education Program, his foundation offers the Food for People program, providing over 5.6 million nutritious meals and educational opportunities to disadvantaged children in India, Ghana and Nepal. TPRF has also provided $6.3 million in humanitarian aid to people suffering from disasters in 47 countries.

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