“Hear Yourself” Flies Above the Clouds

Apr 10, 2023

Prem Rawat’s internationally bestselling book, Hear Yourself, has achieved a new height of success by recently being included in Lufthansa Airlines in-flight entertainment offerings. Thousands of air travelers can now find it daily.

Germany’s #1 airline has long been offering passengers the option of listening to a selection of audiobooks on their flights and, starting in January, the German language edition of Hear Yourself was added to the mix. Additionally, the Hear Yourself audio book can also be heard on the other airlines in the Lufthansa group: Eurowings, SWISS and Austrian Airlines.

And the extra good news?  The book’s availability is viewable on the entertainment section of Luftansa’s website for people planning their trips.

Lufthansa’s audio book offering of Hear Yourself is read by Bernd Reheuser, one of Germany’s most well-known actors. It was originally released in August 2022 by Argon Publishing who has also published the book on various on-line audio streaming sites like Spotify.

The German language print edition of Hear Yourself was released in June 2022 and has received positive press coverage in several newspapers. The German publisher, Piper Verlag, has actively promoted the book since its launch, prominently featuring it at last year’s Frankfurt Book Fair – the world’s largest book expo with over 180,000 visitors.

A creative social media campaign launched on Facebook and Instagram, with the support of both publishers, has been ongoing with postings several times a week. Until today, the campaign has received close to three and a half million views from well over one and a half million active viewers in German-speaking countries. A YouTube video campaign is also reaching a significant number of viewers.

In addition, the local organization in Germany that supports Prem Rawat’s work initiated a program where sponsors can support the distribution of free copies of the book to institutions, such as women’s shelters, old age homes and residential groups for disabled people.

Hear Yourself has been published in six different languages worldwide, achieving New York Times bestseller status in America as well as widespread success and bestseller status in the Spanish-speaking world.

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