The timeline represents some of the live events, digital media, books, interviews, art, music and so much more – all with one focus – encouraging anyone interested in the message to take the next step.

We live in a unique time where our global sense of humanity’s current condition is magnified. Where we can view the good, bad and ugly extremes in the course of each day.

With today’s online virtual mobility and globally available transportation options, we can travel the world and yet forget that there is a place within us that is truly home. Each human being has that life thread that when consciously approached puts everything in the right perspective.


Few of us know at nine years old, our life’s mission. Many of us don’t ever figure that out. Uniquely, since he was nine, soon after the passing of his father, and ever since, Prem Rawat has focused on one simple, incredibly practical commitment. He has travelled the globe numerous times to share with anyone interested his experience of personal peace. Prem reminds us that peace is not a theory, a political state, or a post-life aspiration; it is an experience available to anyone seriously interested.

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