Follow Up to Prem Rawat’s May 28 UK Event

Nov 26, 2022

Whenever Prem Rawat addresses the general public, there is a significant response from attendees wanting to learn more about his approach to discovering personal peace. Towards that end, at his May 28 event in London, four different follow-up options were made available.  Immediately following the event, interested attendees were offered a business card directing them to and a UK-specific website where they could learn more about four different ways to explore their interest:

  1. Special offering of the Peace Education Program: A choice of two series of online workshops delivered by a diverse team of experienced Peace Education Program facilitators.
  2. Peace Education & Knowledge (PEAK): Prem Rawat’s online course, a dynamic learning experience for people aspiring to learn the techniques of Self-Knowledge – a simple way of turning one’s senses from the outside world to the experience of peace within themself.
  3. Make an Impact Zoom Event: A one-hour online meeting that showcased five of Prem Rawat’s peace projects in the UK/Ireland and around the world. 
  • “Hear Yourself” book and reading groups
  • Global Peace Events
  • Humanitarian Water, Food and Aid projects
  • Peace Education Program
  • Power to Change Film

The 130 people who participated in the Make an Impact event were given a choice to attend two 20-minute breakout sessions on a selection of the five projects noted above.  Interaction and questions were encouraged.

Make an Impact follow-up activities already in full swing include a deeper dive into the “Hear Yourself” book and reading groups, a scheduled call about the Peace Education Program for educational and other settings serving people aged 14-25; and screenings of the “Power to Change” documentary – a cinematic catalyst that addresses issues related to youth violence.

  1. The “Power to Change” documentary: More insight and informationn about the highly-regarded, Wendy Reif-produced film, as well as a schedule of screenings in the UK and Ireland.

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