A lifetime devoted to peace

Prem has been talking with people as an ambassador for peace since he was just four years of age. In a lifetime of dedicated service, he has reached hundreds of millions of people in over 100 countries, with his message of peace.

The Peace Education Programme (PEP) that Prem developed is taught in prisons; in countries ravaged by war; in veteran centres and in hospitals in over 80 countries around the world. From Capetown, South Africa to California, USA, PEP has reached those marginalised by society and by conflict and inspired them to believe that peace is possible.

Prem is also a best-selling author, collecting and adapting age-old stories for a modern audience. These stories continue to inspire and transform millions of people's lives. His book When the Desert Blooms (Cuando el desierto florece) recently topped Penguin Random House's Spanish non-fiction list. 

Prem trained as a pilot and has logged over 14,000 hours flying time in order to deliver his message to all four corners of the world. He is also a keen composer and musician. Prem is married with four children and now enjoys being a grandfather to a further three.

Artistic projects

Rawat Creations

RawatCreations is a start-up company showcasing the photography and musical compositions of Prem Rawat. These are available on RawatCreations.com, with many other products in development.


Visit www.rawatcreations.com

Events and tickets

Words of Peace

Words of Peace is an independent charitable foundation set up by individuals inspired by Prem Rawat’s message of peace. Its aim is to share Prem’s message by providing clear, effective information on upcoming events and the need for their financial support.

Visit www.wopg.org

Media and livestreams


TimelessToday is a multi-platform media company that produces content about the human potential for peace and well-being as explored by renowned speaker Prem Rawat.

Visit www.timelesstoday.com

Relief work and education

The Prem Rawat Foundation

The Prem Rawat Foundation advances dignity, peace, and prosperity by addressing the fundamental human needs of food, water, and peace. The nonprofit foundation’s Peace Education Program is a series of workshops that help people discover personal peace.

Visit www.tprf.org