Malaysian Weekly Echo Interview with Prem Rawat

Nov 26, 2022

On October 12, 2022, Melissa Duis, the Associate Editor of Weekly Echo, an independent news portal with a focus on Malaysian and world current affairs, interviewed Prem Rawat on the practice of personal peace. During their lively, 23-minute conversation, a wide range of topics were addressed: Lockdown, knowledge of the self, the nature of peace, being cool, internet trends, FOMO (fear of missing out), forgiveness, and Prem’s role.

Ms. Duis’ interview with Prem Rawat was one of many of his peace-themed presentations during his recent visit to Malaysia.

Interview excerpts:

“Here comes the role of peace. Because if you get to know yourself, you would realize that you are the coolest there is on the face of this earth. Because knowing yourself is the coolest thing you can do.”

“Being in a quiet place is not peace. Peace is about what you feel inside of you. You could be in the most wonderful place up in the mountains where there is no traffic, no nothing, but up in here (in your head) there’s too much traffic.”

“This Knowledge is not knowledge of some ‘thing’. It is knowledge of the self.”

“Peace is not boring. It is dynamic, because it puts you in touch with the part of yourself that IS dynamic.”

“I don’t want you to take my word for it. I want you to experience it for yourself. This is the biggest difference between me talking about divinity and anyone else talking about divinity.”

Prem Rawat’s Kuala Lumpur author event

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