Lockdown with Prem rawat – Day 66

“Enough of the darkness. There is a light inside of you. Discover, uncover.” —Prem Rawat

Prem Rawat’s daily “Lockdown” videos highlight his talks and how his Peace Education Program helps people discover personal peace.

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The Answer


Peace Is Possible Author Event

Manchester, UK

Prem Rawat:

What I want to talk about is the reality of us, of what it really means to be alive. Who are you? You pride yourself on being different; I can see, so many people are wearing just, different kinds of jackets and ties and have their hairdo differently—it’s not like you’re all looking the same from here.

But what if I was to tell you that all of you are going to go through this one thing—you came through one wall and you’re going to hit the other wall and you’re going to be gone.

I deal with this. People write to me. People want to talk to me. I just talked—I just saw a lady in France. She wrote to me, said, “I’m ninety-eight years old. I have been with you since 1972—and I just want to shake your hand.” So I said, “Sure.”

So, when I was in France I called her. I was—I have to say, I was shocked. I was shocked. She looked younger than me! And I’m like, I thought, you know, she’d be like, eighteen people holding her—no! Just…. Then she started to tell me her story.

For four years she was in the German concentration camp—lost her mother, lost her father there. Showed me her tattoo…. And a smile on her face. She said, “I knew there was something more”—that that horror, whatever that was, “That wasn’t it!”

You think having gratitude in this life is a small thing? Not for, “thankful for your job, not thankful for your car and your cat, your dog”—but to be thankful to be alive. My friends, I’m talking about “alive,” the difference, the difference….

The difference between you and I isn’t about coming through that wall and going to hit the second wall. It is what we make between the two walls, that’s what makes us different. That’s the difference between the devil and the angel.

Who are you? Who are you? In this equation of all those other people—who are you? You don’t know. You know them—but you don’t know you.

If you had to get a message across to you, how would you do it—seriously? If you had to get a message across to you, how would you do it? You cannot “self-SMS.” How would you do it? Your silly little device doesn’t know.

You need to tell yourself, “Be happy. Be content. Be in joy. Be in love.” Please, please send yourself this message. You need to send this message to yourself—you need it.

You need to tell yourself, “It’s okay.” You need to tell yourself, “Be thankful.” You need to tell yourself, “Be content.” You need to tell yourself, “Be in clarity.” You need to tell yourself, “Enjoy.”  You need to tell yourself.

What’s your number? What’s your number? What’s your handle? What’s your dot-com? Do you have the email of “dot-heart”? Do you have the email that ends with “dot-wisdom”? You don’t—you don’t—and you need to.

This happened to me—in London. So, I’m stuck in the famous London traffic jam, compliments of progress. (I came to London in 1972; believe me, there weren’t traffic jams like that….)

So, I’m sitting in the car and I see this man walking, and he’s got a stick—and so I realized that he couldn’t see; he was challenged, visually challenged, so he can’t see through his eyes, so he’s just using his cane. But I realized he was really clipping along. He was just, “Whshew, chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu-chu….”

And of course, I had nothing else to do except, sitting in the car, stuck in a traffic jam—and he would absolutely, completely pass us, and then we would catch up and I would start looking again; it’s like, “Wow. Man, he’s really moving. What’s he doing? How is he so sure?”

Then I realized, “Oh my God. This man is not looking for something, but one thing and one thing alone—he’s only looking for a clear path.” He doesn’t care about Westminster; he doesn’t care about the traffic jam here, the traffic jam there; he doesn’t care about the time on the Big Ben; he doesn’t care about all the pretty boats on the Thames.

All he cares about: “Is the path clear?” And not the whole path—just enough for him to pass, that’s how much he’s scanning with the stick. That’s all he cares about: “If that’s clear, keep walking.”

And then I realized, “Oh my God. He doesn’t care about the obstacles.” You would think he cares about the obstacles; he doesn’t care about the obstacles; he only cares about a clear path.

So when problems come in our life, do we look for a clear path—or do we look at “how we’re going to overcome the obstacle”? You don’t have to overcome the obstacle—if there is a mountain in front of you, figure out a way to go around it. And go around it. Don’t have to try to go, “Oh my God, how am I going to climb that mountain.”

I mean, is that what you do when you come across—you’re driving and there’s a huge building in front of you? Do you go, “But and, how am I going to drive through that building? And that’s, that’s really going to hurt my car—and me and, and, and everything….” No, you look left and right and you say, “Well, yeah, there’s a road; just go around it.”

Does that make sense? [Audience: Yeah.] Just today? [Audience: And yeah, that’s right.] Just today? No! You always knew this. And this is garnering wisdom; this is wisdom: “Don’t try to go over it; go around it.”

You have problems? You’re going to have problems. Of course, you’re going to have problems. Why are you going to have problems? Because you always try to go on top of the mountain. That’s why you’re going to have problems. I’m telling you, life is sweet—just go around.

Like that man, he taught me so much, taught me so much, just in that little time. Now, now I actually look forward to traffic jams in London. I can learn something—“Wow, what am I going to learn today, you know?” Because it’s going to happen….

They told me, “Oh, yeah, but oh, but it’s going to take two-and-a-half hours to, you know, go twelve miles.” I said, “No problem; let’s go!”

My friends, these are the possibilities. Are you ready to engage with the seed of clarity? Are you ready to engage with the seed of joy; are you ready to engage…? Because if you’re not, you need to send yourself a message—to be ready, and to do so. You need to send yourself a message.

And when that happens, imagine what you will have in your life. Imagine how beautiful that clarity is. That’s the power of light—“Turn on the light; turn on the light; turn on the light; turn on the light. Enough darkness.” And where does the light need to shine? In your neighbor’s yard—or yours? Try yours. That’s where it needs to shine—because there is a light inside of you. Discover, uncover.

This is what I help people do—those people who don’t know their number, I have a special software; I call it “Knowledge.” And it goes through and finds your number and it connects you to it. And it’s pretty good software; it’s very, very good software.

But even that software requires wisdom to use it, unfortunately. And me coming and going to all the places in the world, I am sharing my wisdom—because without that wisdom, it is very difficult to take and make proper use of Knowledge.

This is what I do. People listen to me and they go, “You make sense.” (Thank you; that’s what I do; that’s what I’ve been doing.) I was doing it since I was four years old—that’s my gift. That’s my gift. That’s my gift. And today, this is my gift to you.