“Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat” podcast series 2, episode 18 – What is Real in Life?

Mar 2, 2021

Wanna survive? Or wanna thrive?

Tune in and choose.

Today Prem reminds us that simplicity will see us through all the challenges we face. We often don’t understand how important it is to have harmony with our existence, with people, with nature, and within ourselves.  The basic simple needs we have to be fulfilled, to be in peace, and to be in joy. The ocean of answers is within you. We want to go beyond survival and to thrive which requires us to simply be.

This is the life we have, and what can be done and be in peace in this life? Can you be simple and see with the eyes of a child? A child accepts things as they are in pure simplicity. You were once that child. Why does the moon look beautiful? It is because it is, as you are. Peace is something to be simply felt and is not easily defined. It is in the power of knowing over believing. Do you want  to know or to believe? Knowing is being in true harmony with yourself.

Your life needs to be in that harmony every single day. It combats these ongoing questions of uncertainty. Harmonize with this existence for the time you have. This is our opportunity to feel, experience and to feel the goodness of who you are. It is not in the complicated but in the simple. Once you understand that you are open to profound change.

What is real? It’s not a philosophy that bounces between your ears. Your desire and need for peace are real. Your need to be fulfilled and in simplicity is real. We need to see ourselves again through the eyes of the child. Get in touch with that child and that simplicity. The reward for it is fulfillment and peace.

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