Why I Am Going to the Focus 5 Event in Amaroo

Nov 26, 2022

In early September, 2,774 people who are enjoying the experience of Self-Knowledge that Prem Rawat reveals – a simple way to turn one’s senses from the outside world to the experience of peace within themselves  – will travel to the “Focus 5”  Amaroo event in Australia. For many of these people, hailing from 57 different countries, the journey down under will require a big commitment, especially at a time when travel is more stressful and expensive than ever. What motivates people to make such an effort? Curious to find out, PremRawat.com posted an invitation on this website a few weeks ago and asked. What follows is a sampling of the replies we received.

NOTE: It is still not too late to register for the event.

Something Imperishable Within Me
“It’s my great privilege to be with Prem once again while I’m still alive. My body is 91 years old, but Prem has shown me something which is imperishable within me. He is extremely dear to my heart, and I love and respect him immensely. Amaroo is a uniquely beautiful place where we can get together and enjoy listening to him. He always reminds me about the fundamental needs for the enjoyment of life – to listen to his message, to practice Knowledge and to participate in his activities. This helps me connect to that imperishable experience within. All these three gifts are of the highest importance in my life in the same way that a bird cannot fly with only one wing, but requires two wings and one tail. The beautiful days in Amaroo provide a rare opportunity to be with him.” – Charan Anand, USA

A Resort for the Heart
“Amaroo is a place conceived to celebrate peace and life – a resort for the heart!” – María L., Spain

You Can Put Down Your Burdens
“Amaroo is a beautiful place, a world of happiness. It is the journey’s end, but also the beginning of another journey into the heart. There, you can put down your burdens and become a child again. I am happy to travel from the other side of the planet to sit and listen and glean as much as I can.” – Julie TD., UK

A Glimpse of a Bright Future for Humanity
“There are good moments in life that I remember from time to time, probably because they have nurtured some fundamental needs in me. Being at Amaroo is one of those moments. It is like being home, a place where you are welcome and can catch a glimpse of a bright future for humanity.  It may seem impractical, but some moments spent there stay in my memory like a perfume.”  – Dominique H., France

A Place to Focus on Joy
“Amaroo is a place to focus on the joy of being alive for five full days as Prem Rawat sets the tone with stories, wisdom and humor. It’s a gathering place for kinship with others in clarity, love and appreciation.”– Yana H., Canada

My Heart Is Free to Fly
“Receiving the gift of Knowledge from Prem Rawat in 1975 has, without a doubt, enhanced and enriched my life. The real pure joy for me being at Amaroo is spending time in the company of Prem Rawat, where I celebrate my life and where gratitude can flow for the gift he has given me.”  – Susan F., Ireland

So Much Fun
“I am attending Amaroo because I have so much fun being around Prem. I feel alive and encouraged to explore my amazing human potential. And what a special opportunity it is to interact with an international community that speaks the language of the heart.” – Nan C., USA

NOTE: The deep feeling of inner peace, joy and gratitude that Prem Rawat helps people connect with does not require a long journey anywhere. Indeed, ever since he first began sharing his deep understanding of life at the age of six,  he has been helping people realize that what they are looking for is within them. The “journey,”  if you want to call it that, is the one from head to heart. While almost 3,000 people will be making the long trek to the Amaroo next week, there are thousands of others who have also received the techniques of Self-Knowledge who, for one reason or another, will not be able to attend. They, too, will be enjoying the best of what life has to offer no matter where they happen to be at the time. That’s one of the wonderful things about the experience Prem Rawat is helping people tune into: it is independent of any particular place or time and is available to everyone, anywhere, 24/7.

TimelessToday Update

The five-day Amaroo event in Australia starts on September 5th. While TimelessToday has a team on site to capture Prem Rawat’s program, we cannot yet confirm when or if video and audio content will be broadcast. Please turn on TimelessToday’s notifications on the app and website to receive updates.

The location in Australia makes global livestreams challenging for a number of reasons, including internet reliability, local time zone and remote editing. When TimelessToday has approval to broadcast any of the Focus 5 event’s content, we will inform you. All information in this regard will come only from TimelessToday’s official channels.

Stay tuned for the next update.

“As a human being, your peace, clarity and goodness emanate from your heart. You have an inner power generator, an inner source of light, an inner sanctuary of calm — and you take all this with you wherever you go.” – Prem Rawat

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