What Are the Chances?

Prem Rawat:

What are the chances that the components of this dirt (hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, calcium, phosphorus), all these coming together and making you? What are the chances? Whoa. All this dust got brought together and you were created. You were out, and you took your first breath, and you succeeded made. And what are the chances that you came?

So, first, the chances that all that dirt came together and made you – and then you came out. And you just took your first breath and you succeeded: success. And you took your second one: success. And you took your third one: success. And success, and success, and success.

That is why this is your story. Because that breath comes in and out of you; that’s why it’s your story, your worth, your self, you knowing you. You having an understanding about your existence. Not about anybody else’s.

Nowhere, nowhere in a single scripture anywhere does it say, “You need to understand other people.” Not one! It’s always, “You need to know you! Know thyself,” not, “Know all the people on Facebook, on Twitter, TikTok, on PikPok,” and whatever else they have.

This need to impress other people has always been there! But it has also been the downfall of human beings! They fight wars because of that! They would exhibit their powers in front of other people! (Ah, Colosseum, for instance?) Because it is all about “What other people think of you.” What’s important is “What do you think of your self?”

What do other people think of you? Nothing! Why? Because they’ve got their own thinking to do, thinking of what you think of them. They’re busy! They’re busy thinking of what you think of them. So, everybody is doing the same thing.

Everybody, wise people, and really wise people – nah! Dumb people. Nah! Everybody goes in the grinder; it’s like a big blender going “Umm-blrrrrr,” like a cement mixer. In slow motion, pump – and it de-separates you back into all the six little elements that you were when you started. It’s gone.

Never to be put back together again. Not like that, like the way you are. Maybe an eggplant, maybe a tomato, maybe a cucumber. Who knows? But not the way you are.

The core part of why I am here today, and why I’m going to be going to Europe, it really is to remind you, “What you have inside of you is priceless. Let that manifest in your life.” This is your chance; this is your opportunity. Be with that, with that beauty, with that joy that is inside of you.