The spark in you

Rahim, another poet at the same time Kabir was, he said, “This thing of feeling, this thing of understanding—the deep understanding—is something that you feel. You don’t talk about it. You don’t talk about it.” And then he says, “People who do, don’t feel it. And people who do feel it, don’t talk about it.”

And you know, it goes, “Rahim [speaks in Hindi]. It’s not something that you can say and hear—[speaks in Hindi]. [speaks in Hindi]—the one who knows, who feels, he says nothing. [speaks in Hindi]—the one who says…talks [speaks in Hindi]…doesn’t know.”

Understood! I mean, talk about a concept-breaker! It’s coming from that old… People had these—that’s why he wrote this! He knew there were people going around saying, “Oh yeah, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know”—but didn’t know!

And he wrote this because he saw that…hey! Those who truly know? They know there’s nothing that can be said, because it’s about feeling. It’s not about talking.

You don’t bring religion into this. Let religion be. Religion has its need, has its purpose. Let it be that. This does not need to mix with religion.

You don’t have to be negative against religion. That is what I say, “If you’re a Muslim, be a good Muslim. If you’re a Christian, be a good Christian. If you’re a Hindu, be a good Hindu!” If this is what you want to do, do it, and do it right. Do it good.

This is totally different—totally different. And its presence is not because this lacked something—but its presence is on its own. It is what it is. It is to know. It’s the Gnosis.

You know, there were people who were called Gnostics. And they talked about knowing—Gnosis—that the spark of the Divine was inside everyone. This is what they talked about: the spark of the Divine was inside everyone, and it was possible to turn within and feel this spark.

Now, how do I know? One day I am in my office, and I have the TV on, and a National Geographic documentary is playing! I’m doing my work—once in a while I pay attention to what they’re saying—back to doing this, then.

All of a sudden, the commentator said, “Yes, they were Gnostics. And they believed that the spark of the Divine was in everyone, and it was possible to turn within and feel this spark.” I mean, the way he described it, you could not have described it more perfectly.

So, this is about that: the spark of the Divine is in everyone, and it is possible to turn within and feel that.

– Prem Rawat