Season #4 of the Life’s Essentials Podcast with Prem Rawat

Apr 11, 2023

On March 23, the fourth season of Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat made its way into the world. It was no accident that this weekly series of inspirational podcasts launched in the Spring – the time of year when the cold of winter fades away and everything begins to awaken.

Simply put, this is what Life’s Essentials is all about – an inspiring podcast that provides insights, tips and easy-to-apply wisdom to help listeners awaken to the world of answers inside themselves.

Featuring Prem Rawat – a world-renowned peace educator, bestselling author, and master storyteller – each episode focuses on themes that enable listeners to go beyond whatever obstacles may be interfering with their innate ability to enjoy life to its fullest.

Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat is currently available, in English, on a wide variety of online platforms:

The Extraordinary Rise of Podcasts

There are now five million different kinds of podcasts available in the world, with more than 70 million episodes to choose from. And the total number of podcast listeners – 465 million – has increased by 46% in the past four years.

Why the extraordinary rise in podcasts over the past 20 years? The answer may be linked to the growing number of stressors in daily life.

The COVID-19 pandemic, for example, has led to widespread fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, with many people experiencing heightened levels of stress due to social isolation, financial difficulties, and health concerns.  Add to that the rise of armed conflict across the globe, the ravishes of climate change, destabilized economies, plus food and water insecurity and no wonder people are looking for new and better ways to improve their state  of well-being.

Towards that end, Life Essential’s listeners say that the podcast guides them to a reservoir of inner strength and understanding needed to confront the increasing stressors of daily life.

 I find the Life’s Essentials podcast to be incredibly inspiring. Its focus on helping people find the answers to life’s most difficult questions and its thought-provoking conversations with amazing guests encourages listeners to find their own inner peace and joy.

Xiao H., Canada

What sets this podcast apart from others is the level of insight and wisdom that Prem Rawat brings to the conversations, offering his audience a fresh perspective on life and encouraging them to look within to find the answers they seek. His enthusiasm is contagious.

Alisa B., Australia

Sometimes we get so engrossed in our daily routine that we forget to ask, ‘Are we happy?’  ‘Do we feel content?’ That’s why I enjoy listening to Life’s Essentials. Prem’s captivating narration and sense of humor make it all come alive for me.

Suraj S., India

Behind the scenes, a committed team of producers and technicians from South Africa, Canada, Spain, India, Malaysia and the United States continues to ensure that Life’s Essentials becomes a go-to destination for anyone interested in living (and loving) life to the fullest. And this season, the delightful South African media personality, Lumka Ngxoli  who helped launch the first podcast episode “Wild Wise Woman of South Africa”,  is offering her voice to introduce each of the series’ episodes.


Practical Insights for Everyday Life

Perhaps one of Life’s Essentials most compelling features is the engaging way in which Prem Rawat provides listeners with practical, easy-to-apply insights into some of life’s biggest challenges: how to deal with change, how to minimize stress, how find purpose and meaning, how to understand what all people have in common, how to deal with conflict,  how to navigate personal relationships, how to make the most of technology, how to find personal fulfillment and much, much more.

Rather than prescribe solutions, Prem poses questions that enable listeners to figure things out for themselves.  Rather than teach, he creates the conditions that make it easy for people to learn. Rather than tell, he reveals.  And he does so in a way that is engaging, relatable and fun.

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If you have questions, feedback, requests or testimonials to share, please feel free to reach out to the Life’s Essentials team:  [email protected]

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