Sandy Collier

Jun 29, 2022

“I met Prem Rawat in India in 1969. He was 11 years old and speaking about peace during his school holidays to large audiences.

“He came to London, by invitation, at the age of 13 years and, within the first week of his arrival, someone said to him, ‘You must go to Glastonbury Festival.’ 

“The now famous pyramid stage was being erected for the first time, and there were ancient and spiritual prophesies surrounding its conception.

“It was a time of searching, of the counterculture, which pointed, in large part, towards India.

“For me, meeting Prem Rawat at that young age was the beginning of a simple and beautiful awakening inside me. Even at the age of 11, he shared his clarity and helped me find the peace I was looking for.”

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