Replay of Prem Rawat’s Global Peace Education Day Presentation Now Available

Nov 26, 2022

Video of Prem Rawat’s uplifting address to fellow peace educators at the second annual Global Peace Education Day conference in September was recently released to the public.

Founder of the highly regarded Peace Education Program, Mr. Rawat spoke with great passion about the dynamics of his approach to peace education. His program has served more than 300,000 participants in 80 countries in 40 languages since 2012, including 100,000 people in correctional facilities.

“The Peace Education Program is profoundly simple,” Rawat explained. “It is something that puts us in touch, as human beings, with who we are. We don’t need somebody to come along and sweep our path. We need somebody to simply come and illuminate our path so we can see the obstacles and go around them. It’s amazing. When people come back to themselves, they find a very different kind of happiness – not the entertainment kind, but a happiness of coming home.”

Organized by the Global Peace Education Network, the September 20 conference featured more than 40 peace educators, each of whom shared their own inspired perspective on the rapidly expanding work of peace education in the world.

One of the conference presenters was Willow Baker, director of The Prem Rawat Foundation’s Peace Education Program. Ms. Baker provided a clear overview of the program and how it translates vision into action.

“It is a simple program,” Ms. Baker began – “a series of workshops that help people discover their inner strength and personal peace. The workshops consist of short videos based on the work of bestselling author and peace advocate, Prem Rawat. There are individual and group exercises and facilitated reflections that vary the workshops, making them enjoyable and adaptable. The teaching methodology is always participant-centered. Rather than defining and describing personal peace to the participants, the program empowers individuals to reach their own understanding.”

Prem Rawat and his Peace Education Program are part of an exponentially growing network of peace educators around the world – intrinsically motivated social activists who understand that peace is a birthright of all 7.8 inhabitants of planet Earth.   

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