Prem Rawat’s February 11 Knowledge Review

Feb 19, 2023

Everything is in place for you to experience the richness of existence. It starts when you make the connection within you.

Prem Rawat

On February 11, Prem Rawat conducted a Knowledge Review for people who have received the techniques of Knowledge and requested a refresher. (The techniques of Knowledge that Prem teaches are a method for turning one’s attention from the outside world to the experience of peace within – an experience that is unique to each person.)

More than 700 people attended the Knowledge Review, in person, in Beverly Hills. Another 1,250 people from the following 28 satellite locations on five continents participated virtually.

Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
Accra, Ghana
Nouvelle France, Mauritius

Athens, Greece
Barcelona, Spain
Düsseldorf, Germany
Toulouse, France
Vienna, Austria
Vitoria, Spain

Asheville (NC) USA
Atlanta (GA) USA
Baltimore (MD) USA
Boston (MA) USA
Chicago (IL) USA
Detroit (Plymouth) (MI) USA
Gainesville (FL) USA
Kailua (HI) USA
Miami (FL) USA
Portland (OR) USA
Seattle (Bellingham, WA) USA

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Salvador, Brazil
San Pablo, Brazil
Santiago, Chile
Bogota, Columbia
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Lima, Peru
Montevideo, Uruguay

Looking forward, there is a good possibility that Prem will conduct more Knowledge Reviews this year. Stay tuned.

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