Prem Rawat’s European Tour

Aug 31, 2023

Prem Rawat recently completed a whirlwind five-week tour of six European countries – a journey to help thousands of people in Italy, Greece, Germany, Denmark, Ireland and England better understand how to experience personal peace.

The tour began, on June 24, with an Intelligent Existence training in Milan. This was an all-day Understanding More Focus Session in which Prem Rawat met with people who had already received the techniques of

Throughout the day, he shared keen insights and inspiration to help attendees gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to more thoroughly enjoy their journey through life.

Simply put, this was a day for participants to reconnect, refocus, and celebrate their experience of personal peace. Eight hundred people attended in person and another 1,394 joined TimelessToday’s livestream from 51 countries.

Immersive, engaging, joyful and exceedingly helpful in refocusing people back to the core elements that bring the practice of Self-Knowledge to life, feedback was very positive.

Noted one participant: “Everything felt fresh. Prem’s enthusiasm was so genuine and contagious. Me? I am good at forgetting things. But Prem is even better at reminding me about what is essential in my life.”

Subsequent Understanding More Focus Sessions took place in Wiesbaden and London – further expressions of Prem Rawat’s commitment to inspire people who practice the techniques of Self-Knowledge to receive the most possible value from it.

You want to be intelligent?
Then see the wisdom of the heart.

– Prem Rawat, Milan, Italy, June 24, 2023

Prem Rawat’s European Tour also provided him with two exciting opportunities to introduce his bestselling book, Hear Yourself: How to Find Peace in a Noisy World, to appreciative audiences in Athens and Dublin. 

On July 5, in Athens, an in-person audience of 750 and a virtual audience of 6,716 joined Prem Rawat to celebrate the launch of the Greek translation of the book. The Athens event was especially poignant, given Prem Rawat’s long-time penchant for quoting Socrates’ most memorable pearl of wisdom, “Know thyself” – perhaps the simplest, most time-tested way of describing Prem Rawat’s approach to helping people experience personal peace.

Just two days later, on July 7, Prem Rawat sat down with Blue Sky TV media personality Kostas Hardavellas for a wide ranging, 32-minute interview to further introduce the book to Greek audiences. More than 65,000 people tuned into Prem Rawat’s “In the ARENA of Life” interview.

And then, on July 15, there was a much-anticipated event in Copenhagen with 430 people who had previously received the techniques of Self-Knowledge. It had been 11 years since Prem Rawat had been to Denmark.

The July 20 Dublin author event, attended by 715 in person and 6,715 via TimelessToday’s livestream, was also a big hit. In Ireland (as well as many countries around the world) “Hear Yourself” continues having impact, having reached the #4 position on the prestigious Irish Times bestseller list in the hardback/non-fiction category.

On July 26, Prem Rawat visited HM Leeds Prison in England to meet with incarcerated people who are participating in his Peace Education Program. The program helps people reflect on their own humanity and their inner resources, such as choice and dignity. Participants at Leeds had the opportunity to ask Prem Rawat questions, and several of them shared how the program workshops were helping them feel hopeful even behind bars.

“Since starting the peace program, I have started to look at the world in a different way. I always saw my life as being half-empty. I now look at it as being half full. So, I would like to thank you, Prem Rawat, and the volunteers,” said one of the incarcerated participants.

Prem Rawat wrapped up his five-week European tour in Brighton, England with a traditional celebration of Guru Puja – an event whose roots go back thousands of years to India where people get a chance to express their gratitude to the teacher who has played the most pivotal role in helping them experience personal peace.

What’s next for Prem Rawat? An Understanding More Focus Session in Los Angeles on August 13. The event will be livestreamed by TimelessToday.

As soon as other North American tour dates are scheduled, they will be noted here on and also here on Words of Peace Global.

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