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May 20, 2022

Humanity, in its ever-evolving attempt to communicate, has gone through quite a few changes since the beginning of time. First, there were cave paintings. Then came – in no particular order – smoke signals, illuminated manuscripts, carrier pigeons, the printing press, town criers, the telegraph, telephone, television, and the internet just to name a few. All of these communication platforms added to the conversation and accelerated the speed, volume, and efficiency of whatever messages people wanted to share with each other.

These days, with the internet being the world’s #1 communication vehicle, it is interesting to note that, of all the internet platforms, there is one that is increasingly having an impact – and that is YouTube.

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has taken the world by storm. As more and more people choose to get (and share) their information, interests, and knowledge via video, YouTube has become a global phenomenon. It is now the second most popular social media channel with 2.56 billion users. That’s 33% of the people on planet earth. Only Facebook, with 2.9 billion users, is more popular. It is also the second biggest search engine in the world – Google being #1. Available in 100 countries in more than 80 languages, YouTube’s statistics are staggering:

  • 13 billion monthly visits
  • 122 million daily users
  • 1 billion hours of video watched daily
  • 1 billion videos watched every day
  • 500 hours of video uploaded every minute
  • 37 million YouTube Channels

The first YouTube video ever posted?  Me at the Zoo – a promotion for the San Diego Zoo. The most viewed video on YouTube? BabyShark Dance Song with 10.3 billion views. And who can forget Gangnam Style,, a YouTube video that was so popular it broke YouTube’s digital counter.

Prem Rawat’s personal foray into the world of YouTube is a relatively new phenomenon. His Prem Rawat Official channel launched just two years ago in May 2020.  In parallel with his foundation’s YouTube channel, the goal of Prem Rawat’s newest YouTube channel is to reach the widest, largest and most diverse audience possible in an effort to introduce millions of people to his powerful tools for accessing inner peace and how they can change lives for the better.

So far, so good.

To date, Prem Rawat’s Official YouTube channel has uploaded 338 videos and attracted more than 81,000 subscribers from 70 countries. Total views are now more than 10 million. And the total watch time is up to 1.1 million hours. Sixty-seven percent of subscribers hail from India, not at all surprising when you consider the fact that India is the country with the largest YouTube audience by far, with approximately 467 million users. Nepal is second with 7.1% subscribers and the USA is third with 4.7%. The top two age groups that have been attracted to Prem Rawat’s YouTube channel?  25-34 year olds (22%) and 18-24 year olds (17.1%) – more proof that what he has to say has great relevance to the next generation of movers and shakers.

And this is just the beginning.

Explains Greg Dyer, a member of the TimelessToday team that manages Prem Rawat’s YouTube channel: “There is a huge opportunity to reach new audiences that can benefit from Prem’s video content. We are just getting started.”

Adds Tony Clark, another member of the social media team: “In the past two months, we’ve been uploading short topics of interest videos once a week – extracts from Prem Rawat’s recent addresses that focus on specific themes like gratitude, fear and hope. We continue to add interesting videos – like short extracts from Prem Rawat’s recent book unveiling in Mumbai, India and HarperOne’s short documentary on the making of the book “Hear Yourself.”

The Prem Rawat Foundation’s YouTube channel also introduces new audiences to his work with regular video releases that highlight the powerful impact of the Peace Education Program, Food for People program and other humanitarian initiatives. The channel has attracted over 3.7 million views and 33,000 subscribers.

If you have not yet checked out Prem Rawat’s YouTube channels, now would be a good time. If you are not yet a subscriber, it will take you less than ten seconds at the following links. Just click the “Subscribe” buttons and the Bell icons to receive notifications of newly uploaded content.

Prem Rawat Official YouTube

Prem Rawat Foundation YouTube (TPRFYT)

If you are already a subscriber and know of people who would benefit from this content, here are a few practical things you can do:

  1. Share these links with anyone you think might be interested.
  2. When you see a video you enjoy, share the link with friends or post on social media.
  3. Comment and LIKE the videos that move you.
  4. Subscribe to the Channels and click the Bell icon to receive notifications of newly uploaded content.

If you have specific ideas for how Prem Rawat’s Official YouTube presence can continue to thrive, feel free to share your ideas with us:[email protected].

The most viewed video on Prem’s channel (826K views)

The second most viewed video on Prem’s channel (513K views)

The third most viewed video on Prem’s channel (446K views)

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