Prem Rawat: A Decade in the Media

Apr 17, 2024

Prem Rawat is one of the most famous speakers in the world that you may never have heard of.

– Sara Sidner, CNN

Prem Rawat has been in the media spotlight since he was a child, answering a wide range of challenging questions from hundreds of journalists across the globe with wit and wisdom. This video features a selection of interview excerpts from the last decade, including appearances in the United States, South Africa, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Sri Lanka, and Brazil.

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In response to a South African radio host’s question, “How do you describe peace?” Prem Rawat responded as follows: “After the talk, after the pointing of fingers, after the political scene, after everything else, there’s this thing called feeling. That feeling reigns supreme. When you feel peace in your life – not just talk about peace – that’s the real peace.”

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