Practice Peace and Change Your World

Feb 9, 2023

“We want to be like other people because we have really no idea who we are.” – Prem Rawat

One of the great things about Prem Rawat is how he communicates about the need for personal peace in such a simple way – delivering a timeless, universal message in very little time. Here is an example – a 56-second excerpt from one of the 380+ videos posted on his Official YouTube Channel..

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“You need to start with yourself, discover and nurture your inner resources. You have the questions and you have the answers within you. You contain those answers that you have been looking for.

“The questions come from within you and the answers are also within you. Understand self-reliance rather than looking at other people for the answers. Because you have an ocean of answers within you.

“Practice peace and you will change yourself back to who you really are. Journey from outside to inside back to the center of you and your world. Practice peace and change your world.”

If you are interested in learning more, PEAK is a toolkit for accessing the peace that lies in your heart.”

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