Peace is Possible Book Review

Dec 18, 2019

“Deep in the mountains lived a gardener…” who knew inner peace and tranquility. His loving kindness brought understanding to the cracked pot who saw only his own flaws. In Peace is Possible, you will be introduced to the gardener of self-awareness, Prem Rawat. This thoroughly enjoyable little book invites readers to delve inside and tend the soil of their hearts.

With wise sayings, engaging short stories, and questions for uncovering “the real you, the one that never ages, even as your body ages,” our gardener uses his consummate storytelling skills to inspire us to cultivate our hearts, remove the brambles and thorns of illusions, and give our gardens of peace room to grow. Each of us has incredible seeds of potential, latent inside, patiently waiting in the fertile ground of our minds for us to water them with clarity and insight.

Using remarkable simplicity, Prem’s words help us to shine a spotlight into the recesses of our consciousness to find the blooms of joy within. With depth and beauty, Peace is Possible provides the favorable conditions required for our seeds of potential to burst forth like an embryo, exploding from its seed coat during germination. Like an acorn which holds a giant oak tree within, we are capable of so much more when we are rooted in strength and peace.

These stories provide the warmth, water, and light necessary for hope to sprout. As you read the first few sentences, you can begin to feel the tiniest stem of clarity peeking its head above the soil and a strong–but delicate–hair-thin root below. By the end of the book, new leaves of awareness begin to form and the roots begin to take hold.

Plants, animals, and people need plenty of clean, fresh air for respiration.  “If you ever feel small and insignificant, remember this miracle of breath happening inside of you and be thankful.”

This book motivates us to have gratitude for every nourishing breath we take. This appreciation for life expresses itself as pure joy that manifests in our lives and brings us into union with ourselves and the world around us.

Everything we need for peace is already inside us, as everything needed to grow an oak tree is inside of the unassuming acorn. Nothing external to ourselves can bring us peace. Once we learn to nurture the garden within, we can share our peace with others and world peace becomes possible. Like Serge Marquis writes in the preamble, “There will not be peace on this earth unless there is peace in each human being, and Prem Rawat invites us to this peace.”


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