Paul Parker

Jun 29, 2022

Paul Parker

“Fifty-one years ago, as a 16-year-old aspiring hippy, I was in a café in my home town of Canterbury, thinking of travelling to the upcoming Glastonbury Festival in June of 1971.

“There was a real buzz about the event, not just for the music, but the feeling that there was something special happening. The festival was to be held in the ‘field of dragons’, with a pyramid stage, on a ley line that connected Canterbury, Glastonbury, and the Great Pyramid of Giza, along with something else about an alignment of planets.

“I had to go. So, after some bargaining with my dad to get his permission, my best friend and I set off the next day.

“On arriving at this magical place, I was given a leaflet stating that a 13-year-old boy had travelled from India to speak about peace at the festival that evening. And that is where I first saw and heard Prem Rawat.

“Coming down the hill towards the stage, I saw him lit up and saying something that stopped me in my tracks: ‘There is something inside you which will never perish, and I can reveal it.’ And that is what set me on my journey of inner discovery.

“Some months later in London, I listened to more of Prem’s teachings and learned how to find a treasure within.

“To this day, at the age of 67, amidst all the ups and downs, joys and sorrows, successes and failures, this gift has always been a constant, as has the consistency of Prem’s message.”

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