October Knowledge Session and Knowledge Review in Malaysia

Nov 26, 2022

“Turn within and understand. Not just logically or mentally, not ‘formula-wise’, but experience what there is inside of you. That experience puts you in touch with knowing. Hence, this practice is called Knowledge.  The Knowledge of the self.” – Prem Rawat

Prem Rawat will be conducting a Knowledge Session in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on October 8. Two days later, on October 10, he will be conducting a Knowledge Review in Putrajaya, Malaysia. (Knowledge is a simple way of turning one’s senses from the outside world to an experience of peace within yourself, an experience that is unique to each person).

The Knowledge Session is for people in Malaysia who have completed his signature training, “PEAK” (Peace Education And Knowledge) and have requested to learn the techniques of Self-Knowledge. The Knowledge Review is for people who have already learned the techniques of Knowledge and have requested a refresher.

If you are a TimelessToday subscriberIntelligent Existence (Prem’s training company) invites you to join “Live online” for both opening segments. If you have a TimelessToday Classic or Premier subscription you are all set. Simply log in as usual.  
Start Time:  10:00 a.m. MYT           
Estimated Duration: 30 minutes

“The goal is not just to learn the techniques of Knowledge, but to enjoy this life, enjoy every breath –  every single day.  The journey itself is the destination.  This is a journey for a lifetime.” – Prem Rawat

Prem Rawat’s livestreams are brought to you by Intelligent Existence, in collaboration with TimelessToday.

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