New Booklet Celebrates 20 Years of Prem Rawat’s Humanitarian Impact

May 1, 2022

A new booklet, “Empowering People,” celebrates the remarkable humanitarian impact of Prem Rawat and his Foundation across the globe. Started by him in 2001 to help ensure that people have the opportunity to live in peace, The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) has become a profound resource for people in over 70 countries.

Read & Download the Complimentary “Empowering People” Booklet Here

“I created The Prem Rawat Foundation in the hope that it would play a part in furthering the understanding that personal peace is the foundation for world peace, and to help people live in dignity, peace and prosperity — the basics of what makes humanity, humanity,” says Prem Rawat. “If people are hungry, we can give them food. If people are thirsty, we can give them water. If they are sick, we can help them return to health. If people are looking for peace, the Peace Education Program can help them begin the journey of discovering it.”

Fueled by passionate volunteers and donors across the world who are inspired by Prem Rawat’s vision, TPRF fulfills its mission through a number of signature humanitarian initiatives such as the Peace Education Program and Food for People.

Learn More about TPRF by Reading the “Empowering People” Booklet

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