Lynne Trine

Jun 29, 2022

Lynne Trine

“In June of 1971, I was a student at the Bournemouth College of Art and Design. I had come to England from America to study for a year and was in my final week. At this time, a friend had invited me to drive to Glastonbury for an event that was happening there. I accepted.

“It was an introspective time of my life and I was seeking an inner truth which I had not yet found. When I arrived there, I found myself in what I can best describe as a chaos of concepts and questions without apparent answers – a confusion of ideas.

“By evening, I had made my way to the front of the stage when Prem, then a 13-year-old boy from India, arrived and began to speak.  

“He spoke with a clarity and certainty which immediately caught my attention. I don’t remember his exact words, but he told us that we all have a wisdom, an inner peace which he could show us how to access. He referred to it as ‘Knowledge’ and I felt determined to take him up on it. It was several months before I had that opportunity, but he made good on his promise.

“The simplicity of the Knowledge and the practice of it became the cornerstone of my life, and I am grateful for the clarity it brings.”

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