Lynne Armstead

Jun 29, 2022

“I set off for Glastonbury in 1971 with two friends. On the way, someone mentioned that it was an auspicious time and that Glastonbury was situated along ley lines that linked with the Great Pyramid. It was meant to be the Heart of the World.

“When we arrived, we met with someone who told us there were people talking about a young boy who could show you something beautiful inside. I remember thinking this was unusual.  Then, as early evening came, I danced in the mud to the music. Then Prem came to the stage and suddenly it felt very still, as if the whole world had slowed down.

“My family lived in Northumberland. They had no idea I had been to Glastonbury. When I went back home, I visited a house where people who had received the techniques of self-knowledge lived. One of them was working as an architect in the small town where my family lived. He spoke so eloquently about Prem. The feeling in the room was amazing. 

“Up until then, I had a happy family life, but felt like there was more for me to experience.

“When I received Knowledge, it felt just like the feeling I had when I was a child – the feeling I had as a two-year old – the feeling of just being.

“Thank you, Prem, for being there for me at that time and every moment since.”

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