Lord of the jungle

One day there was a rabbit. And this rabbit was going along in the jungle, and a huge lion jumped out. Huge! And the lion said, “I’m going to eat you.” And the rabbit said, “I am finished! I better think quickly…something.” So the rabbit says to the lion, he says, “No! You cannot eat me.”

The lion looked at the rabbit, and says, “Hey! You are just a little rabbit. My teeth are bigger than yours. What do you mean, I can’t eat you? Of course I can eat you.” He says, “No, you cannot eat me because I am the lord of the jungle.”

The lion said, “No, you are not the lord of the jungle; I am the lord of the jungle.” “No, I am,” the rabbit said, “the lord of the jungle. So, the rabbit said, “I can prove it.” The lion said, “Okay, prove it.” The rabbit said, “Follow me. And you will see how all the animals in the jungle are afraid of me.”

So, if you can imagine, there is a little rabbit and behind him is the big lion. And the animals, they see towards that direction—they see the big lion, and they’re afraid, and they run! The lion sees the rabbit in front and he says, “This is true! Look how every animal is afraid of the rabbit!” The lion turned around and ran away.

Why? Because the lion did not know himself. We talk about human potential! How are we going to achieve human potential when we do not know us? What you are looking for is within you! Do you know that? Do you know that? Truly? Or do you go to everything else looking for that?

– Prem Rawat