“Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat” podcast series 3, episode 25 – The Inevitability of Change; Can You Adapt to Enjoy Life?”

Nov 9, 2021

“We pursue happiness. But we don’t understand the nature of happiness; it keeps changing. What made you happy two weeks ago isn’t what’s going to make you happy today. But contentment is different. Contentment is all about you being in that place where you feel that tranquility.” Prem Rawat

The sweet reality within. Does that capture your inner experience lately? Or does it feel more like a never-ending battle for emotional and physical survival? What else do you have inside? Who are you, beyond your personality (no matter how sparkling) or your preferences (that change daily)?  Are you aware of your infinite reservoir of fulfillment waiting to be tapped?

Anger, fear, and hate are emotions that churn inside each of us, but you don’t have to allow them to run the show. This week’s podcast might illuminate other components of your existence, encourage you to understand your depth, realize the significance of gratitude, ignite your passion to help humanity, or reveal gifts you can offer your loved ones. If the pessimist in you believes this is impossible, maybe the following comments from inmates in two Florida prisons will shift your perspective:

I had a session with my attorney in which I told her I was participating in the Peace Education Program with a speaker named Prem Rawat. She said to me, “I know Prem Rawat!”  I asked her how she found out about Mr. Rawat and she told me the Judge told her! We spent the entire 30-minute session talking about Prem Rawat! WOW!

I saw Prem Rawat on TV this morning and woke up my dorm mates to watch him! I hope the whole prison gets to take this class and hear Prem Rawat speak.

When I listen to his words I can feel again. I feel myself again and it feels good.

Can I come to this class every single day of the week?

Every breath is a blessing.

I really liked that he said you get good at what you do most. I want “knowing,” not just “believing” in my life.

Every day we ignore that we have the power to write our own story.

Prem has visited some of the most hard-core prisons in the world and has met many inmates who are flourishing in the harshest conditions imaginable. In his book Hear Yourself: How to Find Peace in a Noisy World,” Prem quotes one of these inmates who said, “Your message resonates in my heart. I am discovering my power, my love, my nature, my peace, my joy, my artistry.”  Prem speaks of the inmates as “warriors who are finally starting to win the war within, and it’s powerful to be in their company.”

As always, he distills life’s greatest challenges into the simplest of truths: “How can you help the ones you love? By being you.”

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