“Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat” podcast series 3, episode 20 – Gratitude and Joy; Patience is the Key

Oct 5, 2021

“Every moment that you are alive, that you exist, is the most amazing possibility, most amazing occurrence that’s happening, most amazing thing that’s taking place.” Prem Rawat


We often associate intelligence with complexity, whereas true intelligence is rooted in simplicity. When we dismiss the value of simplicity, we can easily overlook the purpose of life, fall prey to the cunning saboteurs lurking in our heads — the inner critic, the cynic, the prophet of doom — plotting a coordinated campaign to undermine our success, foment trouble, and hijack our joy. But we don’t have to be victimized by the voices that say we’re worthless or we’ll never make it.

The fact that we’ve been given life means we have already made it. Our hearts tell us that it’s time to enjoy it, that the moment called now presents us with a chance to make the switch from self-sabotage to self-reliance. Now beckons us to admire the beauty of existence, to rekindle the innocence of childhood, to know the exhilaration of flying on the magic carpet of the breath.

And we don’t have to utter a single word to express our gratitude, simply feel it.

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