“Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat” podcast series 3, episode 18 – How can you garner courage in a difficult world?

Sep 21, 2021

Life is not a joke. One of the gifts of life is peace—beauty, love, understanding, kindness. And unless we know how to extract these powerful tools from this life, we will never understand the value of this life.”  —Prem Rawat

You have a need for self-expression. It may be singing, writing, speaking. You can choose to use your voice to air political opinions, vent rage. Maybe you squelch your voice, fearing repercussions, or allow someone else to squelch it. Perhaps you unconsciously drown it out, unaware that you’re listening to noise, both internal and external. Or raise your voice, like former gang members of Ecuador who found the courage to raise theirs in song to celebrate that “peace is inevitable.”

In Prem Rawat’s recently released book, Hear Yourself: How to Find Peace in a Noisy World, he wrote, “The fifteenth-century Indian poet Kabir said: ‘If you want the truth: listen to the secret sound, the real sound, that is inside you.’ Self-knowledge is like music—as you start to understand yourself, you begin to hear the many beautiful sounds this life can play for you. It’s as if your ears are becoming attuned to more and more frequencies. At last, above the noise, you hear yourself.”

This podcast is from an event Prem held in Milan to launch the book in Italy. Both offer a wealth of inspiration, touching on the importance of recognizing your true voice, the one that emanates from your heart. If you do, you’ll experience the highest frequency there is—gratitude. If you’ve been in search of your voice and haven’t found it yet, it may be so faint that it’s almost imperceptible. We invite you to hear what Prem has to say about it. If you resonate with his message, you may discover your voice, listening to his.

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