“Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat” podcast series 2, episode 7 – The Land of Milk and Honey

Dec 15, 2020

Tired of being a perfect little soldier?

Listen to this podcast to become a human being

In this week’s podcast, Prem Rawat helps us understand how to find our own “land of milk and honey.” From an early age we are told right from wrong. We go along following what we should or should not do. We learn what is acceptable and listen to what people are telling us.  As we get older, it is our peers and employers who determine what is permissible.  Societal norms dictate actions, and influence our focus. 

During each of our lifetimes, we make decisions about how to spend our time. The basics of who and what we are in our control. Instead, we have marched like perfect little soldiers to the drummers in control.  

While you have this gift of life, look at yourself and your own world, feeling in your heart for your own true needs. Many people are afraid to look at themselves because they are afraid of what they may see. It is a risk we must take like so many other risks we take in daily life. 

Prem Rawat’s podcast encourages us to recognize that we take chances with all kinds of people and situations in our lives. At some point, we have to take a chance on ourselves and take full grasp of our existence. We need to find the simplicity within to be fulfilled. 

Everything is temporary and life is shorter than anyone wants.  Maybe you are misunderstood in the world but you chose to be fulfilled through the craziness of it all. There are other options within each of us. 

With the Coronavirus raging on, we can observe how the system of economics and society are working or not working. People need to find their own peace and discover their true needs. Freedom must be felt within the heart and should be approached with humanity and love. Now is the time to take the bold personal chance to be real. 

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