“Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat” podcast series 2, episode 25 – Brain diggers and how to avoid them

Apr 20, 2021

How can we tell the difference between what we really know in life and what we pick up second-hand? What makes an authentic human being? How do we stay peaceful on the inside when chaos surrounds us?

These are a few of the questions we’ll be exploring in this thought-provoking podcast, addressing questions from people around the world.

The nature of a human being isn’t mean, selfish, or angry. Compassion, love, and understanding reside within each of us. In a child, we see the uncontaminated and the natural instinct to only want to be happy. The authentic nature of a human being strives in every moment to be fulfilled.

At its purest, human nature yields to what it cannot conquer. No one can stop the ocean. Huge waves come and crash upon cliffs having a battle, where the water always wins. The authentic nature of a human being is kindness and the search for joy. It is like a tree knowing when to bend and knowing when to stand firm. Humans need only be conscious of the world around them to see the truth and experience the joy.

Living consciously requires practice. Some things in life don’t have a target or they come little by little, it requires accepting both success and failure. You are perfect already with your shortcomings and fundamental desires, as they make you complete. Accept the journey as its own reward.

We consume these nasty “brain diggers” from media and advertising. Someone decides what is to be considered news and they know tragedies get your attention. We are searching for truth in the wrong places. Look within instead.

By being in the same situation again and again, as we all have experienced during lockdown, its natural at times to become irritated. Pause, take a deep breath and think. Taking control of your life is taking control of your thoughts and actions through conscious living.

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