“Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat” podcast series 2, episode 23 – Are you a bucket full of holes?

Apr 6, 2021

Are You a Bucket Full of Holes?

Sometimes, it seems like our attention is just jumping all over the place, doesn’t it?

Prem talks about how beautiful it is to have an understanding of who we are. This understanding helps us to avoid the pain, sorrow, and suffering. All too often, we bury our heads and succumb to our circumstances. Prem leads with a joke to get us thinking and to examine the comedy of errors that life can throw at us.

We have opportunities to change daily and life is precious every day. We need to be warriors that keep moving forward. Not all battles are important to winning the war. Our war is inside and we need to always remember the full scope of what existence means. We have the gift of life and breath and they pass no judgement. The want to be fulfilled and to be content can be found within the ocean of answers inside of you. The motion of life is everywhere and is what keeps everything in process.

Find the purpose of your life and take action. Be in awe of your own existence and your place in the world by looking within. It is profound to begin the process of knowing yourself. The path to the discovery to yourself shows you everything that is between you and who you really are. When you learn how to draw, you learn about perspectives and lines. To successfully learn, it is necessary to unlearn your old ways first. As the Zen master teaches his student, you cannot add to what is already full. And the Indian teacher tells his student he is a bucket so full of holes he cannot retain his teachings.

Preconceived ideas of who we cloud our minds. We need to know ourselves, live life consciously, and be full of gratitude. You know yourself when you feel it. Like when you are in love with someone else. It is a feeling and not a definition. 

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