“Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat” podcast series 2, episode 22 – Do You Understand Who You Are?

Mar 30, 2021

Who Are You … Really?

Tune in now.

Prem reminds us that the Corona lockdown could be good or bad, it just depends on us. It has been a great restorative time for nature. This led to thinking about “purity”. Purity is something without contamination in its purest, cleanest form.

Are our lives and existence pure or contaminated? Why do people believe in systems such as the caste system which denote inequality? As this virus has originated in China, there has been prejudice against Asian people. Xenophobia is a learned behavior. It is the fear and hatred of the “other”, the “foreigner”, and the “scapegoat”. We have been contaminated by this thinking that divides human beings. These filters distort a pure view of the true nature of humanity.  Society no longer has purity of thought, ideas, understanding, enjoyment, fulfillment, or clarity.

Prem asks if we are truly feeling and experiencing things as they would purely be felt. The feeling of being alive should be felt consistently, but gets contaminated. Even our knowledge of the self gets contaminated by other people’s ideas and sidetracked by external pressures. Understanding the word purity purely without adding or removing anything. From that perspective, you can feel reality in a pure way and feel your connection to your creator in absolute purity.

What does pure love without conditions and circumstance look like? Unconditional love is often spoken about, however, if that person doesn’t fulfill your expectations you will question your love.  Children have a pure definition of love and expectations are added over time. Is there pure love in relationships? It is unknown. However, there must be a form of pure love.

That ideal unconditional love should first and foremost be given to yourself. Sometimes people hate themselves and question their existence because they do not love themselves. They have been contaminated by expectations and anxieties that can grow worse and worse. It has a physical effect as their thought has been contaminated by circumstances. The heart must purify the thoughts and stay in alignment with what matters in life.

Purity is powerful and shines as a light in the heart and repels the darkness. That purity is real, good, and can be felt. Without that feeling, we have nothing and are lost. Only the heart can verify purity. The heart is where the divine within and purity reside and are always there inside of you. Human beings like purity. Think about that purity and how it relates to your life.  

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