“Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat” podcast series 2, episode 20 – The Greed for Clarity

Mar 16, 2021

Is Clarity the Answer?

Tune in to find out…

Today Prem focuses on the simplicity of our existence. It is a gift that none of us has paid anything to have. It is a simple appreciation of the existence of life, clarity, and joy. We should appreciate being included in creation over millions of years of evolution with each species making its contribution. Some evidence shows there were other species living with us over the years of transformation and striving for something better. Human beings are extremely fragile and are suddenly overcome by confusion, fear, misinformation, and doubt due to the lockdowns. All we have created guarantees for nothing. It leaves us wondering if we have evolved in any way.

The silver lining is that Coronavirus has given nature a break. In our pursuit of perfection, we have created a natural disaster. Unfortunately, it has all been wasted on greed. A few have chosen to turn within and decided to be greedy for clarity, fulfillment, and peace. It’s a very different way of thinking by realizing everything you want cannot be created on the outside, but on the inside. In a very quiet room will there still be noise within? The time has arrived that we need to live consciously.

Lockdown gives us the opportunity to focus on living consciously. It gives us a rare window into our daily selves and to practice conscious living. We should be conscious of how we feel and think so we can reprogram ourselves to living our best life through the tools that are already available inside. Living consciously is all about you as a person, not anyone else. It is a practice that takes patience, effort, and drive to summon peace and fulfillment. It doesn’t happen in an instant, but it is possible with diligence. You can be comfortable being you.

No one is particularly enjoying Lockdown and sometimes it feels like that Groundhog Day. The same day happens over and over again. Then finally he learns to change, makes a difference for himself, and is transformed. Amazing things will happen when you learn to live your life consciously. Joy will dance at your door and be pleasant and rewarding. You will understand why so many have said that life is a gift. You will understand and see life as it is meant to be seen.

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