“Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat” podcast series 2, episode 14 – Reach for Courage

Feb 2, 2021

Where can you find the courage to continue?

Tune in for the surprising answer.

Prem reminds us that we need to become human again. Despite all the fearmongering, the fundamental rules of COVID are simple. Don’t get the virus and don’t give the virus. Isolation is the best prevention and people are going stir crazy. Come to this change with courage, not with fear. There are two things you need: patience and courage. Reach in for your clarity and joy. The treasures buried within you are needed. Without them, what do you do? It can drive you crazy unless you reach inside for patience and courage. You can make this isolation a wonderful time. It is up to you.

The more you focus on yourself and your breath, the more you can focus on peace. Then the peace will wash over you in spite of any obstacles or circumstances.  Don’t be scared or afraid. Instead have courage and patience. Allow yourself to just be who you are. 

Let’s remember to tell each other stories like the time before television when people truly talked to one another. We have forgotten how to just BE. It was just the way things were. This is not time for expectations, but rather a time to just be. The first thing you are is a human being. If we forget we are human beings what will we become? We no longer know the difference between need and want by the way we use technology. So many things are manufactured that we do not need in any way. It is mind boggling that we are attracted by these wants, as we don’t understand that they are truly distractions. A distraction is something that takes you away from you.

You need to come home to yourself and feel the love and joy and clarity that are within you. There is the courage and the patience within you. This is your opportunity to get in touch with all these wonderful things within yourself. The opportunity to come back to yourself is one of the few good things coming from the Corona virus. 

The planet is being destroyed by our wants. The pollution around us is manmade and when everything slows down, our environmental impact also decreases. Nature is winning. We as human beings need to get back to our humanity and come back to being human again. We need to understand who we are and what our true needs are. Maybe this can be an incredible reset to get back to the basics and back to what we already have inside of us. Everyone should have courage to focus on our needs and share peace with others. This is that possibility.  

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