“Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat” podcast series 2, episode 13 – Love has No Boundaries

Jan 26, 2021

How can I find beauty and peace with so much darkness in this world?

Tune it to “un-change” your life.

This week’s podcast is another rapid fire Q & A with Prem reading comments and answering questions from Lockdown viewers. We look for the beauty and peace inside of ourselves. While the darkness is there, the light is also there as well. We get to choose the darkness or the light ourselves. It is that simple. Often we don’t even realize we are walking towards the darkness as we are living unconsciously. Getting lost doesn’t happen abruptly, it happens over time and then suddenly we realize we are lost and look for a way to get back on track. There is always the possibility to live life consciously. The source of my light, understanding, and clarity are in me. They will be in you until your very last breath.

In many ways we are allowing ourselves to be kept captive. Our hope, clarity, joy and understanding are being covered by the negative storm clouds. Those clouds will pass. The beauty will always be within you. Whatever the outside situation you have to have the strength to go forward.

When you were born what you had to do was virtually impossible. You were at your most fragile. Everything was stacked against you. You literally had to change your world. The sustenance of the mother was going away and you had to be independent. The force of birth is nothing less than a huge rocket taking off from the Earth. You were completely surrounded by water and then suddenly you have to breathe. A totally different situation yet you had to take on that challenge and decided to breathe. Other challenges are small in comparison to what you have already been through.

Prem speaks about “unchange” and about going back to that time in your life when you were very clear and able to act from our intrinsic motivation. We should go back to the strength, clarity, and understanding of that original state. Take on whatever challenges that come.

With the isolation during Corona, we can see that we are missing real leaders. More could have been done if we helped each other. There is little to look forward to on the horizon and it’s important we hold onto what is inside.

During this time, we are still separated from loved ones. We need to accept the situation as it is and let our families know how much they are loved. Our picture postcards of what life should be like need to be put away for awhile as we face reality. We should focus on the love that is there. Love can travel incredibly long distances as it has no boundaries.

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